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The advent of insulin delivery devices worldwide in the late 80s’ has greatly increased compliance & convenience for insulin needy patients with diabetes. In fact, these devices became so popular that, in Europe currently, more than 85% of injected insulin is via pen devices. The functional simplicity & the heightened convenience with pen delivery devices always lead to the patient preferring pen delivery devices over conventional vials & syringes. Pen delivery devices come mainly in 2 forms – reusable pens & single use disposable pens.
Wockhardt introduced Wosulin Pen Royale (reusable pen delivery device) in 2007 thus making it one of the very few select pharmaceutical companies worldwide having expertise right from drug discovery to advanced patient friendly delivery platforms. Since its launch, thousands of insulin needy patients across India have experienced the benefit of Wosulin Pen Royale in enabling more convenience at the most affordable price. Given below are the some of the reasons as to why Wosulin Pen Royale is the favorite amongst doctors & patients alike:
Those who have SWITCHED to InsuIin Pens can't stop praising their great advantages
Multicentric studies prove 74% patients prefer insulin pens over vials and syringes1

More than 84% of injected insulin is via pens in Europe2

Advantage 1 - Feature based convenience*
Attractive, friendly appearance with easy to grip design

Magnified dose reader window & clear audible clicks ensure error free dosing

Single unit dose dialling - upto 60 IU
Easy reverse dialling with no insulin loss
Advantage 2 - Painless, discreet injection*
Requires least amount of force for injecting insulin.
Insulin pens Avg Force (N)
Wosulin Pen Royale 5.10
Lead Brand 7.52
Brand 2 5.39
Fine (31 G, 5mm) needles ensure painless injection

Insulin injection more discreet enabling higher patient compliance

Advantage 3 – Super Economy
Offers unbeatable economy with wosulin" Cartridges
  MNC Vial MNC Disposable MNC Cartridge Wosulin Cartridges
Unit Cost: Rs. 156 Rs. 296 Rs. 230 Rs. 133*
Monthly Cost: Rs .468* Rs.888* Rs. 690* Rs. 345*